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Elementary, Watson! or, SGAA V Begins!

This past weekend, we began our last adventure knitting our way through Sherlock Holmes’s stories over on Ravelry.  Sherlock’s Great Afghan Adventure V – aka: SGAA V – began!

Our first story is the novel, The Valley of Fear.

Now, I’ll freely admit, I’m not a big reader of the Sherlock novels.  The short stories are easier for me to keep up with, so I tend to focus on those.  However, even though I don’t usually read the longer stories, I DO keep up with the knitting!  And, voila!  Square 1 is complete!

square #1 – The Valley of Fear

This was a really fun and quick knit to do!  We’ll be utilizing the cables and lacework we’ve used before, it looks like, and the designs are truly unique.  I’m looking forward to next month and finding out which story it’s based off of as well as the square design!

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Matallurgy Shawl WIP

It feels like forever since I last updated.  I was trying to finish the Metallurgy Shawl before posting again … but I just can’t!  I love this shawl pattern!!!  I’ve tried to work on it daily, but between work picking up and my writing muses taking over more of late, I haven’t dedicated as much time to it as I’d like.  Still, progress is being made.

About a week ago, I finished the main body section – nothing complicated there, just some garter stitching with YOs to increase periodically until I had enough stitches.  Easy Peasy.

The edging looked to be more of a challenge, and in some ways it has been.  First, it took me a bit to wrap  my head around how the patter would work.  I’ll admit, I’m used to ‘edging’ being something that you knit back and forth on all 229 stitches at the same time.  But a quick look at the directions indicated that wasn’t going to be the case.  At some point before I started, though, I realized it would have to be knit up the side — 27 new stitches connecting to the edge of the 229 every other row.  Once I was able to visualize that (I’m more of a visual learner with things like this), most of my worries fled.

metallurgy some edging
Metallurgy shawl with part of the edging – pattern by VeryBusyMonkey over on Ravelry

That isn’t to say the pattern itself wasn’t challenging!  Still, after one time through the repeat, I’ve got the general idea.  I’m now on my fourth repeat and things are moving along splendidly!  (I did manage to drop a stitch somewhere at the beginning of this repeat which threw me off for about four rows, but I finally back tracked and sorted it out)

edging detail
Close up of edging on Metallurgy Shawl 

I’m going to be a little disappointed when I reach the end of this one, I think, simply because I am enjoying the edging pattern on it so much!  There’s a bit of a trick to it, and I have to be careful on counts to keep it lined up right, but I love the way it’s twisting around itself as I go!  In an odd sort of way, it kind of reminds me of the element stones in the movie The Fifth Element.  Hoping by the next time I feel the urge to update I’ll have it complete and be working on the next!

(Also, new Sherlock KAL starts this weekend!!!!!  Lot’s of bouncing over here for that one!)