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New Year, New Projects

Since the age of 14, I’ve been a knitter.  For most of that time, I’ve focused on knitting whatever interested me, which usually ended up as a gift for someone else.  Baby blankets were big for a long time, but eventually I ended up knitting Christmas gifts for family.  When I was married, we didn’t have much extra money to spend so I went this route, particularly for the Ex’s family which is huge (and I was expected to make something for everyone).

For the past 5-10 years or so, thankfully, that number has dwindled down to something more manageable, and since our divorce even further.  Still, I end up spending most of the year working on things that inevitably end up as gifts for someone else.

When 2018 dawned, I was determined to focus on knitting for me for a change.  Projects that interested me because I wanted to wear/use them.  I started a number of shawls and finished three.  I worked on a pair of basic fingerless mitts.  You get the idea.  The ultimate goal was to get to a point where I could work on holiday decorations (which are sadly lacking in my house), but that, unfortunately, never happened.  In the end, neither did the shawls, as I gave them away as Christmas gifts (or I’d never have gotten done!).

So, with the dawn of 2019, I am making a determined effort to get back to focusing on ME.  To that end, I’ve joined two KALs (knit alongs) over on Ravelry.  One is a Wild Swan KAL, the other Peerie Mittens (which I will make fingerless mitts because I prefer them).

As of January 8, this is the progress on the Wild Swan shawl:

We just got the third clue last weekend (out of four, I think), but I needed to catch up on the second clue before I worried about that.

Then yesterday, the second KAL, the Peerie Mitten KAL, began.  So, I decided that between clues #2 and #3 for the Wild Swan I would cast on and start working on the first mitt of that.

We were told to select at the very least four colors — which I decided to stick with, for now anyway.  I love this yarn!  It’s Alpaca Cloud Fingering from Knit Picks and it’s sooo soft!  At the moment, I’ve got about a half inch (I’m currently adding the third color).  As I go, I’ll decide if I’m going to adjust the length of the cuff or not.  Anyway, it’s started!

I know I have projects I need to complete for others this year.  I still have two outstanding holiday gifts, plus a project I started for a friend I really need to get back to, and one of my nieces on the Ex’s side will be graduating from high school this spring and I am making her a memory lapghan.  (Eventually, over the next three years I’ll make four – one for her, one for her younger brother, and one each for the youngest siblings who are a set of twins – God help me THAT year! lol)  These few projects, plus the current ones (I’m already planning a second and third Wild Swan knit because I like the pattern so much!) should keep me busy most of the year.

(I do have a head start on ideas for next Christmas, however.  One nephew on my side of the family expressed interest in a Legend of Zelda Link hat.  What I do for one, I usually make for the other.  The girls should be easy, too, as I’ve been making them headbands of different sorts for the past couple of years.  Kiddo, too, is easy to determine.  Maybe I’ll begin holiday knitting in June this year to get it done early?)




Just a 50-something single mom with a passion for history, writing and knitting as I navigate my way through life.

2 thoughts on “New Year, New Projects

  1. I joined the same Peerie mitten KAL and completely forgot about it so I never did begin. It’s not too late and with my stash of fingering weight yarn, I’m sure to find four colors that will play well with each other. Thanks for the reminder!

    1. Oh, it’s definitely not too late! The group over there is great! I’m a bit behind because of my Wild Swan KAL, but I’m also reworking the mittens into fingerless mitts for myself (not much of a mitten person), so I figure that buys me an extra week to get caught up? 🙂

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